Riksmästerskap i BPR600 70 meter

Resultat: Sporting
#) Skytt poäng
1) Per Andersson 557p*
2) Günter Wetzler 539p
3) Andreas Fritz 387p
- Dan Koril DNF
- Brunhild Wetzler DNF
- Stig Lindahl DNS
* nytt svenskt rekord!

På grund av för få anmälningar så gör vi om denna tävling till ett riksmästerskap istället. (vi kallar det riksmästerskap eftersom tävlingsformen inte är godkänd av riksidrottsförbundet än)
18th of August 2012 in Lemnhult/Sweden

The Swedish Crossbow Union SAU invites all WCSA sporting and target crossbow shooters to this event which will be held by the club Smålands Armborstskyttar in Lemnhult (located 25 km from Vetlanda in the south of Sweden).

The shooting will be conducted according to the WCSA rules for the Bench Prone Round 600/70:
- 70 m distance
- 40 cm FITA face
- 60 shots = 20 x 3 bolts
- 5 minutes per end of 3 bolts
- explicite rules on www.worldcrossbow.com

Special butts will safely stop the bolts of even the most powerfull sporting crossbows while allowing troublefree removing of the bolts (available also for practice shooting). Shooting benches and seats as well as catering are not provided by the organiser but up to the shooters. Places for individual tents nearby the shooting range will be available for free from Friday to Sunday. For higher comfort rooms at the youth hotel Vänhem in Korsberga (11 km from Lemnhult) can be booked under +46(0)383-20411. In case of problems with the language please consult Günter for help (contact below).

Program on Saturday 18th of August:
10:00 - 12:00 opening of clubhouse and practice shooting
12:00 - 13:00 registration and equipment inspection
13:00 - 13:30 gathering and instructions for the shooting
13:30 - 14:00 preparation and start of the contest
18:00 award ceremony

The participation fee is 500 300 SEK (about 55 Euro) and non-WCSA-members must additionally pay 220 SEK (about 25 Euro) for the individual WCSA 2012 membership. The payment has to be done untill 1st of July which is also a deadline for the registration. Nonswedish shooters need a licence for visiting Sweden with a crossbow. So they have to register with:
- complete names
- date of birth
- home address
- number of passport or id-card
- email

Foreign payments to Günter Wetzler at Swedbank Stockholm
IBAN = SE0480000815059033191140

Swedish payments to bankgiro 797-2821
For any assistance please contact:
Günter Wetzler
phone +46(0)383-84055
email wolfszeit1@hotmail.com